About Vance


I am from a small town on the Central Coast of California called Grover Beach. I worked as a server after high school while attending community college in San Luis Obispo, CA. I eventually transferred to the Bay Area to finish my Bachelors Degree and experience living the city life in San Francisco. I love being able to walk out my door and grab a coffee at the cafe, a drink at a bar, dinner or run to the corner store all within a block.

I now hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a focus on Marketing and Operations. After graduating in 2014, I took a trip to Brazil with a bunch of awesome friends for the World Cup. I came back with new friends, new experiences and an even greater love for traveling. I already had the travel bug my whole life, but mostly only traveled within the U.S. After doing an internship and some consultant work, I decided I wanted to see more of the world before I got tied down to a 9-6? job. After all, what’s the point of life if you aren’t living it?


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