My First Day Back Home

We arrived to San Francisco at about 6:45 am this morning (Thursday). As we flew in we could see the beginning of the Sunrise. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a window seat so I couldn’t get a picture.

Just got off the plane in San Francisco

As we walked out of the airport, I could not help but notice how drastically cold it was (48 degrees). I have been in about 80-100 degree humid weather for 7 months, so this is a big change. I remember getting off a plane somewhere in the Philippines last month and putting on a sweater because I thought it was a cold 75 degrees! haha! I have some acclimating to do!


Clay and I took the BART train into the city and were shocked when we saw it costed $8.95! We are accustomed to some pretty cheap train rides in Asia.

As soon as I got home I dropped my bag, took a shower and headed to my favorite cafe for a much missed breakfast burrito. At about 5 months into my trip I was dreaming about a breakfast burrito from my neighborhood Bean Bag Cafe. I went into a little shock again when the cashier asked for almost $16 for my breakfast burrito and coffee. It has been quite a long time since I’ve spent that much on breakfast haha!

mmmmm…Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes, Black Beans, Avocado, Cheese and Salsa I missed you!

The good news is I rented out my room until March 1st so that I do not have to pay rent right away. The bad news is I have to wait another month until I can sleep in my own bed. I will be sleeping on my couch and some friends houses in the meantime. I also plan to see my family in SLO and visit a friend in San Diego, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

So now that I’m back it is time to job search. It feels bittersweet being home. It’s only been about 5 hours and all I can say is the feeling is weird. I don’t know what to think exactly. 7 months is a long time to be away from home, but the people and experiences I had made it very easy. It was the best 7 months of my life. I feel like it opened my eyes to a whole different world. I believe that I have grown as a person and learned so much. I hope that I see more friends taking the plunge to travel and experience the world like I did. I feel very lucky to have made some amazing friends on my travels and am excited for the next adventure that pops up in my life.

And of course I am excited to see all of my friends and family here!

See you all soon!

P.S. Mexican is a must for dinner tonight!




One thought on “My First Day Back Home

  1. Way to go buddy glad you made it back I totally understand the bittersweet ya money don’t go very far here. all you gotta do, remember is to buy a beer and you’ll get that figured out. I don’t know what else you’re into but shredded beef taco and salsa and some homemade guacamole. Good for what ails you. 🙂


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