My trip is coming to an end…

Hi friends and family!

I’m sorry I have been MIA from my blog the past month and a half. I had an amazing time seeing my friends in Cambodia again last month.

Gangsta Faces
Will miss you guys!
The crew


I spent Christmas and New Years in the Philippines. The Philippines is absolutely beautiful and the people are amazing. I made a lot of good friends in the Philippines (I know you’re surprised haha).

Karaoke on Christmas Eve



We got invited into a Filipinos home to celebrate christmas
The Philippines was decked out for christmas. We loved it!
IMG_3363 2
Our new friend Anthony took us to a club in Manila
Saw the best firework show ever in Boracay
The Philippines water is amazingly beautiful 

I arrived to India a couple days ago. This will be the last leg of my trip. I am here for a friends wedding and will be flying home January 28. I’m very sad to be at the end of my trip, but money is running low. However, I’m excited to see friends and family at home. I will continue my blog when I am home so that you can see more from my trip. Hope you are all doing well and see you soon!

The Indian people love taking pictures with us

4 thoughts on “My trip is coming to an end…

  1. Vance I’m glad you got to the Philippines, I loved the Philippines when I was there. Personally there’s one more stop I wish that you would make before you come home, and that is “Bali Indonesia”. You are so close to that country and the water there is the bluest blue and the warmest warm. While in the Philippines did you get out of Manila? Did you get to Corigador or Cebu’ or Luzo’n or Iloilo? Where are you going to spend the rest of your trip and fly out of? I look forward to seeing you but more I wish that we would have been able to meet up over there somewhere. Uncle Joe


    1. i planned to go to bali but philipinnes was expensive flying to different islands. ill be back again to see indonesia. In the philippines I went to manila, el nido and coron in palawan and also boracay. it was beautiful!


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