Hanoi was a big city and reminded me of  Ho Chi Minh except that it was a lot less crazy. I actually liked the vibe it had. We stayed in the Old Quarter of town for a couple nights, before we headed off to Halong Bay and Sapa.

Hats of all sizes

We started most nights on the rooftop bar of our hostel playing cards and drinking the free beer they offered for an hour. We went out for a pub crawl with people from our hostel one night and played cards at a bar the other night.IMG_1125

Beers on the roof

We spent our days wandering around the city for good food, did a workout in the park, and found some unique cards to mail home to friends and family.

Vietnamese coffee is delicious, but they use condensed milk to make it really sweet. (a bit too sweet for me, but clay loved it and he doesn’t drink coffee normally)
My favorite meal in hanoi. I forget the name, but it was noodles with pork, garlic, chilis, green mango and greens. Served with crab rolls on the side.

Our friend Tung (a travel agent) who I was referred to by a friend invited us to dinner at his house. It was awesome! His wife cooked so much food and we drank beer and rice wine!IMG_1061

Dinner at Tung’s house with his wife, kids and other friends.

The next day we left for our Halong Bay trip, which Tung booked for us. It was great! Pictures coming soon!


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