Da Lat was a Refreshing & Quaint City

After the craziness of Ho Chi Minh City, it was refreshing to get to a city like Da Lat. It is a small, quiet and quaint town in the mountains. I was in love with the weather because it reminded me of home. It was quite cool and when the sun was out it was perfect. I actually could go on jogs and not sweat my ass off. I wore jeans and a jacket for the first time in 3 months.

FullSizeRender 116
View from the hostel

FullSizeRender 142

I stayed at Da Lat Family Hostel and it was like no other hostel I have ever experienced. I was walking down an alley looking for the hostel for a few minutes when I hear some loud music coming from the street ahead. As soon as I walked in the door I saw a big group of people drinking and dancing. A girl that worked there came running at me, gave me a huge hug, grabbed my bag off my shoulders and made me start dancing. Then they sat me down immediately and mama gave me a cup of green tea and starting feeding me rice, meat, and spring rolls. It was a very surprising welcome after a long bus ride, but i loved the atmosphere.

11064675_613932868746897_5878174326767947419_n 11953147_618821028258081_6132368772215949620_n

Mama as we called her was the life of the party. She spoke no english, but made you feel at home. Every time a new person walked in the door she would start yelling, give you a big hug and start cooking a feast. I don’t know where she gets all of her energy, but she always made time to laugh, cook, and dance. She cooked family meal every night at 5 pm, which was one of the coolest parts of the hostel, besides the staff. She would let us help her prepare spring rolls, cut vegetables and peel potatoes during the day. It was a great way to bond with other travelers, the staff and eat some tasty authentic vietnamese foods.

FullSizeRender 108
Family Dinnner
FullSizeRender 79
I made spring rolls!
FullSizeRender 74
FullSizeRender 72
Banana pancakes for dessert
Cooking up french fries

FullSizeRender 144 FullSizeRender 135 FullSizeRender 133 FullSizeRender 140 FullSizeRender 139 FullSizeRender 154 IMG_9647 FullSizeRender 109 FullSizeRender 100 FullSizeRender 103 FullSizeRender 82

I ended up deciding that I needed to get a visa extension because there was no way i was going to finish the rest of Vietnam in the 2 weeks that I had left. The combination of the cool weather and atmosphere of the hostel made me want to stay longer than planned. Every night was pretty much a party and did get a little old after a few days though. Most people only stayed a couple days, but I ended up staying 2 weeks. Because of this I started to get the routine of the hostel down and started helping out around the place. I would prepare foods, help serve dinner, wash dishes, take out the trash and clean whenever I was in the mood. A lot of travelers thought that i worked there, so they would ask me for help and I would do my best to do so. The staff became my family and I loved helping out. They wanted me to stay and work there, but I had to continue my travels. Love you guys! I have memories for a lifetime!

Helping mama

12043091_618821388258045_8520419465184543917_n 12038090_618821204924730_5040072954840300446_n

FullSizeRender 105
Family movie night
FullSizeRender 152
My girl Nai
Fun pics with Vince and Thien
FullSizeRender 140
She was a crack up!
FullSizeRender 138
Fun with Sushi!

IMG_9612 IMG_9643 IMG_9638 IMG_9634 FullSizeRender 155 FullSizeRender 145 FullSizeRender 137 FullSizeRender 131 FullSizeRender 125 FullSizeRender 115 FullSizeRender 111 FullSizeRender 90 FullSizeRender 89 FullSizeRender 88 FullSizeRender 70

Every night Vince took the guests to a bar that had live music and this was where I met my good friends Mike and Oanh. Mike plays the electric guitar and Oanh does vocals. They are an awesome band and I really enjoyed their music. We would meet for coffee a few times where they taught me a Vietnamese game called 13 in english I believe. I loved the game. We also went out to eat a few times, played pool late nights and they refused to let me pay. They were some of the most genuine vietnamese friends I have made.

At BeePub where I met One and Mike
At BeePub where I met One and Mike
FullSizeRender 147
Some of my favorite memories having coffee and playing cards with One and Mike

FullSizeRender 101 FullSizeRender 99

They tried their first margarita
They tried their first margarita
Squid Jerky
Some sort of Jerky

Vince took me out to try some new foods and toured me around the city one day.

We had some sort of rice and egg cakes for breakfast. They were really good!
You dip them in a spicy fish sauce
FullSizeRender 122
We had warm sweet soup for dessert. They had a lot of options
FullSizeRender 93
I chose rice and fried banana sweet soup! yummmmm

FullSizeRender 107

FullSizeRender 83 FullSizeRender 127 FullSizeRender 134

The main attraction in Da Lat was the Canyoning. You repel down waterfalls, cliff jump and float down a river.  It was so fun and a little scary at times, but what an awesome time it was. I met my new friends Go and Co (Chicken) canyoning (they were the instructors). I ended up meeting them and some other friends that night to watch Futbol (soccer) at a coffee shop (Matt you would be proud). It was very interesting because they are super quiet compared to games at a bar in the U.S.

IMG_9407 IMG_9406 IMG_940510624080_1070095013009390_915983538181429027_o 11838903_1070092309676327_3687583280579494571_o 11850574_1070092606342964_3885500217799583213_o 11947920_1070087506343474_4617180727600804555_o 11953370_1070093736342851_3260494025901025622_o 11953526_1070088593010032_4321147613940084060_o 11953568_1070087869676771_4053434036731170043_o 11958174_1070087556343469_2326649495758458873_o 11958308_1070087553010136_72962515422344370_o 11999666_1070098603009031_66613627247436416_o 12000891_1070095079676050_4228982824859654634_o 12002484_1070095029676055_2759892157669037077_o 12002614_1070095083009383_9161755313408164783_o 12010584_1070098426342382_3974580762043640105_o 12010698_1070099573008934_3039283279794098636_o 12010765_1070091323009759_4353100076501542579_o 12027119_1070091463009745_5529911714727288648_o 12028788_1070091333009758_6211813868085013661_o 12028875_1070095039676054_2069904278837941338_o

FullSizeRender 148
Quiet soccer game at the coffee shop with Chicken and Go
Chicken took me out to try some local street food
Chicken took me out to try some local street food
I was honored to tag along for Go’s wedding photo shoot! Congrats!
FullSizeRender 92
Beautiful couple!

FullSizeRender 126

Mama took me out to breakfast and to the meat market for the nights family meal

FullSizeRender 129 FullSizeRender 128 FullSizeRender 78 FullSizeRender 81 FullSizeRender 98 FullSizeRender 68

I visited the crazy house and it was pretty crazily built!

FullSizeRender 136 FullSizeRender 120 FullSizeRender 119 FullSizeRender 118 FullSizeRender 117 FullSizeRender 102 FullSizeRender 104 FullSizeRender 95 FullSizeRender 91 FullSizeRender 85 FullSizeRender 75 FullSizeRender 76 FullSizeRender 71 FullSizeRender 73 FullSizeRender 76 FullSizeRender 71

I took a cable car ride up a mountain to a Pagoda

FullSizeRender 77 FullSizeRender 84 FullSizeRender 97 FullSizeRender 80 FullSizeRender 106 FullSizeRender 112 FullSizeRender 132 FullSizeRender 146

Miss you all!

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  1. How much were beers there Vance. Tell us how far money goes in each place, please? Love you brother, stay safe, and have fun!


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