Battambang gave Mac Typhoid

Place: Battambang, Cambodia

Hostel: Here be Dragons

Rest stop on the road to Battambang

We headed from Siem Reap to Battambang for a few nights. We paid VIP for a 5 hour minivan that ended up not being so special. There was a baby shitting the whole time and the Wi-Fi did not work. But hey, we did get a free water bottle and wet wipe! Haha!



We ate dinner at the hostel that night and relaxed. The next morning Mac and I woke up sick. We were both dehydrated, had headaches and felt very weak. Mac had the shits and a fever; I was throwing up. Mac decided to go to the hospital to get checked out. He returned to tell me he had Typhoid Fever. This worried me, so to be safe I went to the hospital to get checked out. I ended up not getting diagnosed with typhoid (yeah!), but just a common cold. We are guessing it was the lettuce that was contaminated because it was the only mutual uncooked item in our dinners the night before. Our hospital visits cost us about $30 each for the check-up, blood tests and several medications (plus mac got a shot in his ass).

Mac told me that his typhoid vaccine was over 5 years ago. I had my vaccine about 2 months ago. We are guessing that my body was able to fight off the typhoid because of my recent vaccine. Mac should have gotten a typhoid booster before he left for the trip, but he didn’t do his homework. Anyways, we both spent about 4 days in bed sick (Mac in a much worse condition). Typhoid gave him really bad stomach pain and non-stop shits. We did not get to do anything in Battambang. Once Mac felt well enough, we decided we were over battambang and got the hell out of there. Phnom Penh was our next stop.

The End!


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