A must read that helped inspire me to travel

A friend sent me an article from Elite Daily titled:

“6 Reasons Why Not Quitting Your Job To Travel Is A Waste Of Your Life.”

This article gave me a whole new perspective on why leaving my current job and putting my corporate career on hold to travel makes sense. I STRONGLY encourage all of you to read the complete article by clicking on the title above, but I’ll briefly outline it below as well.

1. Time Is Our Only Real Asset

“Money isn’t everything and saving a bunch of it won’t make you happier. You can buy almost everything you want with enough money, but you can’t buy back your youth.”

2. Traveling Helps You Learn About Yourself

“’You think you know, but you have no idea.’ Anyone from my generation knows this iconic line from ‘The Real World,’ but nothing makes life realer than venturing out to find yourself.”

3. Traveling Opens The Boundary Of Your Comfort Zone

“When you travel, you meet people who will change your perspective on life and how you should lead your own. You realize there are things more important than money and security, like adventure and experience.”

4. You Never Know What Opportunities May Present Themselves

“When you decide to stop leading your ‘normal life’ and start traveling, you open yourself up to a world you never before knew existed.”…”I’ve also met people who have gotten jobs, started exciting new relationships and made tons of new lifelong friendships; it’s all out there, you just have to be open to it.”

5. Your Job Will Be There When You Get Back

“While experience is good, don’t take for granted the fact that some employers value life experience just as much as work experience.”…”You can then use all of this newfound practical knowledge, and you make your way up through the ranks faster than if you had stayed put in the first place.”

6. The Future Is Uncertain

“The point is if you keep making excuses about what could happen, you will miss opportunities to make things happen for yourself.”…”The longer you wait, the more things you will accumulate that will be harder to leave behind. It’s easy to break a lease, but it’s a lot harder when you have a mortgage. Just take a risk, fly by the seat of your pants and know that everything you leave behind will still be there, if/when you choose to come back.”


2 thoughts on “A must read that helped inspire me to travel

  1. I have read this exact post before on elite daily! They write all the time about why traveling the world is the best thing to do and how everyone should do it. I always read about random peoples blogs and their journey of traveling the world and not I’m going to be reading about YOURS!! You are SUCH an inspiration Vance!!


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